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Salon Etiquette

To provide and maintain a relaxing experience we ask that guests are mindful of the following guidelines:


We are going to talk, share life and laugh during your appointment and we ask that guests maintain a “spa volume voice” throughout the salon and especially when other guests are in the Shampoo Room. The same will be done for you when it’s your turn! 


Refrain from talking in the Shampoo Room. This is where much of the self care and extra pampering takes place, so we don’t tend to chat while in there, especially if there is another guest sharing the space. Lay back, relax and let us pamper you! 


While we love our conversations with guests, we can’t hear well over the blowdryer and it requires elevated voice volume so we ask that talking is minimal during your blow-dry. 



We ask that you do not talk on the phone during any point while your stylist is working on you. 

FaceTime and speaker phone are not allowed inside the salon.

If you would like to watch or listen to something while you process, please use earbuds. If you don’t have them, a pair will be provided. 

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